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Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a combination of software, systems and services that assist organisations manage the maintenance of their physical assets throughout it’s lifecycle.

Organisations with high asset value and quantity rely on the stable health of their assets to maintain business continuity and operate optimally. Furthermore, the rapid digital progression is forcing assets to become smarter as well as business operating models to evolve along with them.

Our solutions involve integrated platforms that incorporate IoT data and analytic tools to improve business processes, reduce risk, and maintain as well as extend the lifecycle of your assets. Our solutions also upgrade automatically, which means absolutely no down-time, reduced costs and minimized risk.

Enterprise Content Management

As your organisation grows so does your content, and failure to digitize your content may become your principal obstacle in achieving digital transformation success. We partner with IBM, one of the founders of ECM and an industry leader for over three decades to bring you comprehensive business operations automation platforms and the complete set of enterprise content management capabilities to capture, protect, activate, analyse and engage with content for greater insight and action.

Our flexible, high performing ECM systems built by industry leading experts leverage AI and open architecture to acquire deeply embedded content from unstructured platforms. This information can be fully integrated and deployed across any cloud allowing for process automation.
We employ low-code developer tools and modern GraphQL APIs that allow the rapid integration of hundreds of discrete microservices.

What our user-friendly ECM solutions with provide you with:

• Reduced need for resources and optimized productivity
• Enhanced business applications
• Accelerated deployment on flexible platforms
• Heightened operational visibility across the enterprise

Hospitality Systems

Technoland Arabia’s hospitality solutions provide the necessary mobile cloud-based services to deliver exceptional guest experience that builds customer loyalty.

Cultivating long-relationships and return visits 

Our Casino and Gaming solutions integrate client profiles and business applications, allowing player tracking functionality as well as user-friendly guest experience.  Through valuable client insights provided by our applications, you are able to tailor client experience and design upsell opportunities.

Enhancing guest experience that leads to repeat bookings

Our Hotel and Resorts systems allow guests full management of their booking from anywhere at any time online and via smart devices.  Our applications will also provide you with valuable insights about your past, present and future registered guests to tailor packages and activities around their preferences and interests. Our applications provide easy mobile access to hotel staff when it comes to registration, paper-less check in and check out, housekeeping and maintenance.

Boosting competitive edge through patron satisfaction

Our fully integratable Restaurant and Food Services solutions allow for more effective management and process uniformity across separate franchise stores and simplified item management for individual entities. Our solutions are developed with the patron experience in mind, allowing mobile access to and management of reservation bookings, menu downloads as well as order and delivery applications.

Healthcare Solutions

Our Patient Experience solutions and applications allow integrated patience and healthcare provider operation and management of family health information. Patients are able to message their healthcare providers, schedule appointments and complete health checks and questionnaires. This gives the patient better management over their health profile and provides better access to healthcare providers, especially when sharing of information is required between multiple providers.

Our Revenue applications will save you time as they speed up patient payments and reduce physical staff time required as well as save you money with paperless billing, online payment options and self-service payment plans. Billing and clinical activity is automated to avoid missing charges and ultimately increasing revenue.


Patient experience is built into our revenue applications as separate accounts for hospital stays and doctor visits can be consolidated into a single statement to simplify business process and ease the patient financial load.

Our Managed Care solutions integrate with most health insurance and medical aid systems and portals allowing instant access to information on coverage and plan benefits as well as automated invoicing and claims processing.

Our solutions provide health and membership information on a secure portal available to members, healthcare providers and health insurance organisations.

Education Solutions

Our mobile-friendly Education solutions provide education institutions and students alike with instant access to relevant information and unified data anytime, anywhere and from any device. We provide flexible private cloud and on-premises options based on your needs and strategic goals.

Students have access and ability to manage their own information and register online on any device from anywhere.  This information provides advisors with a comprehensive view to better manage attendance and grading.

We build schedules and online registration systems as well as integrate the registration with course plans and modules.

Our advisory application grants advisors access to student profiles allowing early detection of at risk students and provides the opportunity for support and advice intervention to guide the student back on track. Our solutions are built in easy to read formats.

Our administration applications extract relevant information to support the advisory, research, teaching, learning and grading processes.

The assessment and grading process is streamlined and automated delivering quick and accurate results.

Our reporting tools are designed to identify trends, compare information, and report on strategic progress.  This information can be accessed anywhere at any time and includes messaging and notification functionality.

HSE Solutions

Technoland Arabia’s HSE solutions integrate processes to provide a central reporting point for all incidents. They also allow you to manage non-conforming engineering specifications, materials, components, parts and processes Our new HSE Workflow design, Screen designing, Process document, Dashboards, Application designing, Charts, Automation Script, KPIs and Graphs are customised and developed specifically according to user requirements.

We manage the implementation of our HSE Applications as well as post-implementation support to ensure better control and smooth operation of the application for the user.

Our implementation and support process includes:

  • Implementation of selected HSE Applications customised and configured according to client requirements and governance policies.
  • A dedicated Project Coordinator to ensure smooth deployment at each step of the implementation process.
  • Safe and secure migration of data
  • Test script development, training manuals and other relevant documents to equip the user with necessary information.
  • End-User training and post Go Live Support

IoT Solutions

Every independent system, process and application is connected to a decentralised information processing unit increasing data visibility, access and control. Internet of Things is built on wireless cyber-systems and therefore, is often referred to as Industry 4.0.

IoT is a collection of network-enabled devices embedded with technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet.

At Technoland Arabia we consult with you to first define your IoT strategy as this has major impacts on your business processes, models and security. We then define the technologies that will best suit your strategy ensuring the latest resources at the highest return of investment.

Here’s where you get to be innovative! When you partner with Technoland Arabia we collaborate on IoT product technology ideas. Our list of expertise in this area include4s:

  • Product design & development
  • Technology selection & integration
  • Security

Pre-coded cloud data

Finally, we implement and maintain your IoT products as well as provide qualified technical assistance through our various partner service centres.  This ensures optimization of your IoT products, business continuity and peace of mind. We are able to add new devices from multiple vendors as and when necessary and guarantee the correct warranty coverage to support your IoT solutions worldwide.

Security is achieved through the successful integration of hardware and software elements, which have been built and developed by various different companies making self-security solutions very risky. Technoland Arabia are aware of these complexities and skilled in their integration as well as up to date with potential security threats entering the cyber world daily.

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